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Hello i am RookieAnimator210! This account is for my Looping animations since Newgrounds is the best site to post that!

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RookieAnimator210's News

Posted by RookieAnimator210 - 2 days ago


Here is the very first free Content drop! this week includes -
Vanny Footjob Loop - The Leaked Model From FNAF 9
SCP_6821 BlowJob - Your Kinky Enkounter With A Feral SCP
Mangle FootJob Loops And Posters - 2 of each 4 total 2 variants
Toy Chica's Feet - An instagram post for the new account @RA210_IG
Forest Tease - A Horny Furry shows you her wet pussy
This is a free Drop. the files are on multiple websites this pack is for ease of veiwing.
If you want to see the Special Extra Drop your gonna need to go to my patreon - https://www.patreon.com/RookieAnimator210 And Become a Patron to unlock that
Hope you enjoy this weeks Content Drop!

Cheers - RA2020

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Posted by RookieAnimator210 - 5 days ago

So i recently said. i am posting once a week on weekends. well i am also opening something that could be convenient

Content Drops.

These happen weekly. A Content Drop is a Folder which includes all the artwork i have made within that week. in a ZIP file.

I will post the vast majority of my content on my sites but you can bypass that by picking up the ZIP either on my Discord or my Patreon.

There will also be Patron only Content Drop Extras. which is a separate ZIP with extra art just for my supporters.

Cheers - RA2020


Posted by RookieAnimator210 - 7 days ago

Righto so i have devised a Posting day for you guys! this means its easier to catch up on my content got the diehard RA fans who wanna see the new content!

I have set my days at saturdays or sundays to post my artwork. so you wont see new art untill the end of the week.

This is inĀ Australian time so for the people in europe it may be Friday or saturday for you when i post

Cheers - RA2020


Posted by RookieAnimator210 - 2 weeks ago

Hello fans! i have some news. it is both good and back in some respects.

I have been treating SFM like a job. every day 8AM to 8PM. trying to scrape some commission money for a Car, food and other things.

Today i realised this isnt working.

I have realised that my art is a hobby. not a job. i put in everyday to make art and i am still a very small artist with only 1 patron, a few hundred fans at that.

Am i leavingĀ NO.

I am not having a repeat of the DA 2019 tragedy. i am simply realising my goals are to high.

My art wont stop. but i will be trying to put a post day for you guys to connect more. probably Saturdays or Sundays for a clean start monday!

My requests are also partly open... that means dont go requesting like this~

"Please make [Character] doing [Action] with [Character] in [Enviroment]"

Request like this~

[maybe you can do some art with [Character] or maybe some of [Character] i think [Action] is pretty underrated maybe you can make some of that"

Treat it like its giving ideas....which it is.. i probably wont do your request unless i like it myself

My discord is also my main chatting place. if you wanna talk. add me on Discord. dont go through the sites messaging choise.

Don't be afraid to talk either. i understand popular artists don't respond or are sometimes rude or uninterested. i know why they are but i wont be like that i will tell you directly if i don't wanna speak right now and you can text later on when i am online.

I also love helping people make decent art in SFM. so don't be afraid to ask for some help. i will call you and show ya some tricks

I appreciate the support my fans have given me. a few in mind right now. even though my fanbase doesnt comment how i much want them to... or is as active as i would like. i still apreciate you guys at the end of the day

thats about it. in a nutshell, Art will slow. thanks for giving this a read

Cheers - RA2020


Posted by RookieAnimator210 - 2 weeks ago

Hey Fans!

I have a Discord of my very own. just for me. just for you. this server is where i will be hosting my art givaways, commissions and extra project shiz!


Come join and introduce yourself!


Posted by RookieAnimator210 - May 20th, 2020

Hey Fans!

I have created a new artist-base that anyone can join! if your a fan of me and many similar artists then follow the link to our server below!




Posted by RookieAnimator210 - April 6th, 2020

Hey Fans!

Today i thought of something that could put me on the map of animation while also feeding your cravings of animated pornography ;3

As some of you know i am trying to make a name for myself with porn. trying to create a following, trying to improve and trying to get paid. Well i have an idea of how to do all of those things in one swing. Do everything...

I am going to try to make a video characters with animations for everything normal... Foot Job, Hand Job, Blow Job, Sex both Vaginal and Anal and some Urethra Insertion...for my sake ;3

I will also be opening customs for sale if you want me to add something i didn't put. for example a different style of fucking or boob jobs.

They will be for sale roughly $15 and that is 30 Seconds 3 Camera angles.

Give us a message if your interested in helping out ;3

Cheers - RA2020



Posted by RookieAnimator210 - April 3rd, 2020

Who likes Mal0. I think thats her name? A weird fox skull girl. Footjob animation coming soon!


Posted by RookieAnimator210 - February 25th, 2020

Hey Fans!

Just letting ya all know a Footjob amination with Mangle is upcoming soon!

Cheers - RA2020


Posted by RookieAnimator210 - February 21st, 2020

Hey Fans

Today is a day i try for my first Scripted Movie type animation. FNAF - After Hours. A 18+ Representation of the pizzarea and its occupants. I need your help...

I need Animators, Voice Actors, Advertisers. The works. I am going to work hard on this and i need the support of my FanBase. Join the Fanbase today at - https://discord.gg/s5jccWD

I dream of a thriving active FanBase. Lets do this.

Cheers - RA2020